In the Operating Room - Assisting general anestheisia with music therapy, Dr Joanne Loewy, Director of The Louis Armstrong Ctr for Music & Medicine calms Suzanne,
a 45 year old patient about to have a procedure.

The Louis and Lucille Armstrong Music Therapy Department at Beth Israel Medical Center has been supported by the Louis Armstrong Foundation since 1994. The music therapists of the Louis & Lucille Armstrong Music Therapy Department conduct daily sessions with patients in many areas of the hospital: NICU, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Maternity, Oncology, Respiratory Step Down, ICU's, Peter Kruger Clinic, Orthopedics, Hospice, Pain Medicine and Palliative Care and Radiation Oncology. The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine opened in 2005 and serves the unique health care needs of musicians and performing artists, linking performance-related ailments to medical and clinical music therapy services. We are proud to host a medical director, a team of music therapists and specialized doctors who can attend to the physical and emotional needs of the musician and performing artist. The clinic also serves children with developmental delays such as PDD, ADHD and autism and teens who have depression. Music therapists at the clinic also treat adults who have Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease or those who are post stroke. Additionally, we serve people who are at any and all stages of cancer. We use music to address symptoms such as nausea and 'chemo-brain' and/or anxiety and depression which can accompany cancer treatment.

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