Licensing and Permissions

Louis Armstrong™, Satchmo™ and Wonderful World™ are trademarks of LAEF, Inc.

All inquiries regarding the use of intellectual property rights, including music licensing and trademark rights should be directed to Lisa Cohen.

Lisa Cohen
Sole and Exclusive Agent to LAEF, INC.

Oscar Cohen was the  President of Associated Booking Corp., was Louis Armstrong’s Road Manager until 1969. He traveled the world with Mr. Armstrong, and advanced all of his tours. Upon the death of Joseph G. “Joe” Glaser, Oscar Cohen became Louis Armstrong’s manager. Mr. Cohen was the sole and Exclusive Agent to the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc., which is the Louis Armstrong Estate. Mr. Cohen died in 2020. His daughter Lisa Cohen now serves as president of ABC and the agent of LAEF.

All requests must be submitted, in writing, on-line or via U.S. mail to:

The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc.
c/o Associated Booking Corp.
P.O. Box 800137
Aventura, FL 33280

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