Louis Armstrong Emergency Fund for Jazz Musicians

The Louis Armstrong Emergency Fund is a tremendous success. We launched a million dollar ($1,000,000) fund and quickly delivered much-needed cash into the hands of freelance jazz musicians. Our impact has been powerful!

Here is a testimonial from one of our Grantees:

”I was just informed that I will receive the Louis Armstrong emergency grant…The acceptance form asks how you will use this money, and I wrote how it would help provide for my daughter. It then says…

We hope this small token of appreciation helps you and your family in these upcoming days. Please know that this money has come to you directly from Pops!

I was so moved by this statement I began to cry, and then my wife started crying. Then I called my mom to tell her and we started crying. Not being able to do what we do, play music, has been so hard to deal with. So often the playing goes unnoticed. When the gigs stopped, it further denied us of the one true solace we can always have, the joy of playing with others. But upon reading those words from the foundation I was so moved that we are appreciated and have not been forgotten. Reading the words directly from Pops, overwhelmed me with the reverence I feel for the lineage of our mentors/heroes. I just wanted to share with you how meaningful this is for me.”

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Now, we need you to join this movement as we continue Pops’ legacy by providing more support to free-lance jazz musicians in the New York area that are hurting!

“More spokes on the wheel, makes the wheel stronger!”


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