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The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Rudolf Kurz Stiftung/ULM Holding Corp.
William H. Donner Foundation
Wynton Marsalis
Dr. Kenneth Alleyne
Oscar Cohen and Lisa Cohen
Gwen DeLuca
Jackie Harris
Jerome and Maria Markowitz
Benjamin Newhouse
Dr. Jonathan M. Raskin
Naomi Sabel
Howard Schain
Joyce and George Wein Foundation, Inc.
Robin Bell-Stevens
David Chevan
Stanley and Nia Crouch
Susan Devens
Lois Kroll
Adrien LaNusse
Cynthia Millman
Michael Mossman
Radha Nilakantan
Bob O’Meally
Jeffrey Rosenstock
Routt County Hydroponics, Inc.
Elizabeth Ssenjovu
Genevieve Stewart
Justin Tirelli

The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation Inc extends its sincere gratitude and thanks to the many organizations and individuals for their generosity and commitment to supporting music education and spreading the message of love and Jazz demonstrated by Mr. Armstrong throughout his life.  


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