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“Seems to me it ain’t the world that’s so bad but what we’re doing to it, and all I’m saying is: see what a wonderful world it would be if only we’d give it a chance. Love, baby – love. That’s the secret.”  ~ Louis Armstrong

The Continuum borrowed its eponym from novelist, Albert Murray, who’d written a piece titled, “The Armstrong Continuum.” It represents the continuity of the set of values that Armstrong stood for and broadens his lens beyond jazz. According to Bob O’Meally, “the project is funded by the LAEF, INC. that presents people talking about and playing jazz with Armstrong at its core.”

The symposium, is presented by Columbia University’s Center for Jazz Studies in conjunction with the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc. The Continuum honors Louis Armstrong as one of contemporary music’s founding fathers. During a two-day series of sessions and concerts, musicians, writers, scholars, elected officials, clergy, and educators explore the range of Armstrong’s influence in music, literature, visual arts and social justice. Who knew that Armstrong created collages? Who knew that his name and image come up over and over again in literature and in film? Hearing from a wide range of musicians and scholars, The Louis Armstrong™ Continuum examines Armstrong’s continuing impact on the broad cultural scene.

Armstrong Continuum

Panel: Louis Armstrong: Man of Words and Pictures

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The 2018 Panel discussions; “Louis Armstrong: Man of Words and Pictures,” “Louis Armstrong: The Musician and Singer” and “Jazz in the Political Moment” included Prof. Farah Jasmine Griffin, Columbia University, Stefon Harris, Jon Faddis, Charenee Wade, Michael Eric Dyson, Honorable Ras Baraka, Dr. M. William Howard and Marc H. Morial-President/CEO National Urban League. The Louis Armstrong Tribute concert put a spotlight on “Louis Armstrong Young Lions:” Calvin Johnson, Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown, Joseph Dyson, Jeffrey Miller, Barry Stevenson and Isaiah Thompson followed by the “Louis Armstrong All-Stars:” Herlin Riley, Sullivan Fortner, Ronell Johnson, Kevin Louis, Roderick Paulin and Roland Guerin.

Looking forward to 2019 with the addition of a youth component. LEAF, Inc. will transport 300 students for a celebration of Louis Armstrong. The students will be treated to a live performance, a history lesson on Jazz and Louis Armstrong in tandem with jazz and rap artists.

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