David Gold

David Gold, a native of Brooklyn, NY, was a graduate of the New York City school system. He graduated from the City College of New York School of Business with a degree in accounting in 1947. Mr. Gold’s college training was interrupted when he was drafted into the…


Phoebe Jacobs

Phoebe Jacobs served as Executive Vice President and Director of the Foundation until her passing in 2012. She dedicated her long and distinguished life to jazz and to the workings of LAEF INC. An inspiration to all, her love for jazz, its meaning and its currency…


Evelyn Cunningham

Evelyn Cunningham was a civil rights era journalist and an aide to Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York. At a time when few women worked at newspapers never mind as reporters handling hard news Ms. Cunningham covered many of the civil rights era’s biggest..


Oscar Cohen

Born in New York City, Oscar Cohen started working at Associated Booking Corporation when he was fourteen years old as the office boy in the afternoons, after school. In time, Mr. Cohen became the advanced publicity man for Louis Armstrong…


Original Trustee Members

Betty Granger Reid
Louis Armstrong
Lucille Armstrong
Helen Brown
Evelyn Cunningham
Lossye Joseph
David Gold
Aaron Shapiro
Kenneth Drew
Edythe Harris
Andrew R. Tyler
Frederick D. Patterson
Oscar A. Cohen

Louis and Lucille – late 1950s


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