The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center (JALC) is to entertain, enrich, and expand a global community for jazz through performance, education, and advocacy. From its beginnings as a series of three summer concerts produced by Lincoln Center, JALC is today a multi-dimensional cultural institution offering year-round public programming. On July 1, 1996, JALC became an independent, non-profit organization and the 12th Lincoln Center constituent, establishing a prominent place for jazz alongside the other fine arts at Lincoln Center. Today, from its performing arts complex in New York City—Frederick P. Rose Hall—JALC communicates to the world that jazz is a living American art form that serves as a voice of individual and collective expression.

Music education is at the core of JALC’s mission.  To ensure that jazz will be performed and appreciated, both now and in future generations, JALC is connecting audiences with varying levels of exposure to jazz with age-appropriate and effective programming that explores its distinct American heritage, transformative works and musicians, historical impact and its relationship to other artistic disciplines.  Today, over two-thirds of JALC’s programming is educational—reaching more than 1,000,000 individuals of all ages and experiences through concerts, webcasting, direct musical instruction and distribution of free music scores.

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